Gallery: Celebrity Gift Ideas For Beyonce And Baby Blue Ivy

Gallery: Celebrity Gift Ideas For Beyonce And Baby Blue Ivy
News from Crushable:

It’s been reported that former Destiny’s Child bandmate, Kelly Rowland gave new parents Beyonce and Jay-Z a long-sleeved onsie for baby Blue Ivy. But it wasn’t just any old onsie that you’d pick up at the Gap, this one, from Lucky Wang in NYC, is lime green and features a screen print of the legendary Bob Marley.

Blue Ivy is already set to be one of the most spoiled girls in the world (Suri Cruise has been beside herself since Blue’s birth, I’m sure), so it’s nice to see a simple yet thoughtful gift from Rowland. Babies do go through onsies like nothing and they grow out of them even faster, so the $ 24 gift will definitely come in handy.

From diamond bras to “I Love NY” totes, here are some more ideas that celebrities may want to consider giving the new proud parents.

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